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Toren Collective exists to support the cultivation of personal and community evolution.

Toren Collective


of Kriyanna Elumens’s Guided Meditations

Prime Offerings by Toren Collective:

Gong Sound Healing

The gong is designed to assist with deep, lasting healing and awakening. The gong alone has been scientifically tested to show that the sound of the gong removes toxins from cells and has helped with humans mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing processes.

Private Sessions

Get the specific professional attention you desire by working One-On-One with Kriyanna and/or Mahkah to dive deeper into your personal healing and awakening process.

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation (EAM) uses a combination of basic and ancient tools which can help us choose to feel happy, healthy, and whole.

Tantric Qabalah

Tantric Qabalah is a 9 month Journey that is meant to assist you in remembering who you truly are and what you are capable of allowing ultimate healing and growth.


What people have to say about Kriyanna, Mahkah & Toren Collective
  • I will forever be thankful to you for giving me the knowledge and guidance to practice and explore Tantric meditation of the chakras. Your style of providing knowledge and guidance whether it is one-on-one, or in leading a class, is filled with depth of understanding, excitement and enthusiasm, and a desire to share this with others. You are a light and an inspiration to us all.
    David LeetchComputer Programmer at PacifiCorp
  • Kriyanna is a powerful healer. She brings experience, knowledge and heart to all she does. As a practitioner she creates the space for you to come into yourself, fully alive and ready to reach new depths. I have met very few who hold sacred the client space as she does. I feel safe and nurtured with her, free to be in the moment and receive the love and honor that she provides.
    Ami OyarzabalLMT, CEIM, Healer & Teacher in the Sai Shakti Tradition
  • I can't even begin to say how much this helps me. And in all transparency When Mahkah took over I was a little nervous and like "oh I want my Kriy time". NOW I have to say that I am deeply appreciative of the work that Mahkah Das Elumen is doing here. He holds this space and container magnificently and all topics have been completely time appropriate and correlate with things that are going on in my life. I am so thankful for this offering and I highly recommended to anyone who is interesting in getting to know themselves better or improve their outlook on life or ability to maneuver through life. Seriously priceless beautiful gyms here. I don't know about anyone else but I could lose myself in the chaos of life without a beloved spiritual practice to keep myself in alignment, humble, growing and strong. Come check this out for yourself and for the collective. We are waking up and navigating these times are so much sweeter with the weekly spiritual tune up as part of my practice. Thank you deeply Toren Collective!!!!!
    Aria Key RohnCertified Qui Gong Teacher, Teachers Apprentice
  • Nice magical event tonight hosted by Kriyanna Elumen. Great combination of training, exercises and experiences. It was a welcome change of pace (Here's the event from this evening), she's doing a special "Woman's Only" event about sacred sexuality this weekend. I go to various events of this nature all the time with a variety of disciplines. Kriyanna has excellent perspectives, good presentation and truly brings honor and integrity to the knowledge and experiences she has acquired. It is not often to meet someone with advanced knowledge + practical application of that knowledge. Great energy raised too.
    David NelsonClient and Student at Toren Collective
  • Kriyanna is one of my favorite people because of her broad skills in so many areas: she is a teacher, healer, visionary, community builder, creative, and a fantastic mom too. Let Kriyanna just work her magic to help you become a better more empowered person. You'll laugh your way through even the hardest lessons, as she holds a powerful space for your transformational breakthroughs
    Rev Octavia BrooksOnline Business Manager at Octavia Brooks
  • Kriyanna is a radiant and wonderful being! She is passionate about her work and her own journey and is incredibly delightful to be around as her energy is loving and joyful.. I highly recommend her!
    Gina CitoliSelf Employed at Gina Citoli
  • Kriyanna is a full power human being, always busy learning, guiding, teaching, healing. Her scope of offerings continues to grow as her life experience furthers. I whole-heartedly recommend Kriyanna as a project leader as I have worked with her directly in collaboration and know her skills organizing people and ideas while inspiring others in the process.
    Laurrien GilmanCo-Owner of Atlan Community
  • Mahkah is a gifted person and teacher. His attention to detail and full presence while teaching makes his style unique to the yoga world. He is one of the few teachers I trust to take care of each one of his students. He offers a safe and sacred space to explore and grow.
    Sammie SwanCertified Yoga Teacher, Dog Trainer
  • Even though I was not able to personally witness all that Toren Collective's Services created within the space, I thank you greatly for smudging and doing energy work in the venue. I believe your work significantly contributed to the enthusiasm of the crowd and to how positively vocal they were in response to the performance. I also thank you with deep appreciation for being a part of the energetic circle in the green room that prepared me for my performance. I was able to really rock it as a result.

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