9 Month Journey of Healing & Ascension

Tantric Qabalah


Tantric Qabalah is a 9 month Journey that is meant to assist you in remembering who you truly are and what you are capable of. Kriyanna Elumen has been guiding this journey since 2013 and it has become the culmination of over 20 years of her experience as a healer and teacher. It is her great pleasure to witness students as they completely transform their lives through this process.

Tantric Qabalah is an experiential journey through study and practice which allows us to experience unity with the sacred. Qabalah draws down the spiritual energy from above into our physical bodies. When we call spiritual energy into being, we imbue our lives with the Divine. While Tantra draws earthly passion from below to activate our physical, mental and emotional bodies as we experience Divine Union within and around us. The two combined brings us into the Sweetest Essence. Their UNION is the Magnetic Toroidal Field, the STAR OF DAVID, The Merkabah: As Above, So Below.


Our Goals for this Journey:
*To learn how to read the map of our Soul’s Consciousness
*Discover who our Allies are and how to work with them
*Gain Healing Tools
*To realize our highest & clearest states of consciousness
*Remembering how to access Truth, Compassion and Presence
*To learn how to wield the four elements of creation
*Manifesting our dreams into reality
*Tuning into our needs & desires while following the direction of our higher self
*Cultivating self awareness
*Remembering how to love ourselves, fully and completely *Recognizing that every action that we take, every word that we speak, every thought that we think is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.
*To become responsible and accountable for ourselves and our experience
*To become fearless in our walk through life.


With inner joy as our guiding light, our strengths will present themselves, attachments fall away, personal evolution will flow and our true purpose will be revealed.……this is our unique piece, what we show up with and model in this life. This is to Know Thyself.

By experiencing the balance of the masculine and feminine, we allow the pure state of love, “amrita”, the divine nectar to flow through us from source. This is the essence of the true tantric teachings of Issa (Jesus Christ) and Mary Magdalen. Sacred Union is the most potent tool we have for Spiritual Ascension & Physical Manifestation. When the inner Masculine & Feminine dance together in perfect balance, the prayer of intention that is co-created is an unparalleled force and the Magnet of our Heart & Soul!

Join us on this 9-month Journey of Ascension!



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* 9 month programs being every February & October *

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Kriyanna Elumen

Creatress  |  Master Teacher  |  Journey Guide


Free Talk on Tantric Qabalah

More information about this powerful journey from its creator Kriyanna Elumen, and her apprentice Aria Kay Rohn.