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About EAM

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation (EAM) uses a combination of primal and mystical tools which can help us choose to feel fulfilled, healthy, and whole. Anyone can use this practice to transmute present moment challenges (such as anxiety from getting cut off while driving) as well as trauma from any point in life (such as abuse during childhood).

These tools are simple and are attuned to the way that we function on a basic fundamental level. Have you ever seen an animal go through an intense or exciting experience and then stop to “shake it off”? Have you ever felt like you just need to scream? Have you ever curled into a ball and cried until you had no more tears? These are some examples of the techniques we intentionally use in order to release emotions. We use them because they work for everyone, every time we use them!

We created this practice to be very accessible for any type of person, no matter what age and condition you might be in. This practice meets you where you are. When we stuff emotions and don’t let them move through us, we can turn into a volcano or pressure cooker wanting to explode. In addition, bottled up emotions and feelings can create illness, disease, and even cancer in the body. By engaging in this practice, we begin to know ourselves more deeply, to learn who we truly are and what we need in each moment. Sometimes expressing our emotions and moving stagnation through our system feels pleasurable and brings more joy. Sometimes it feels heavy and difficult because there are issues that need deeper healing which are begging for our attention. Through the practice, we become empowered to rise above our demons and be in control of our lives at the core level. We begin to recognize when we feel good and milking that while also becoming confident in our ability to know what to do when we don’t feel good. Of course, this is not about attempting to always feel good, that’s impossible. What this practice does, is open us up. We focus upon the good feeling so that we know the strength within us to overcome unhealthy feelings on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Through this, we become masters of our mind, body, and energy.

When we let go of tensions and anxiety that is trapped in our bodies, we are able to get into a state of ease and pleasure. In this state, we can heal and we can help others heal. We can heal the world. We can create the life that we truly want to be living and we can even create miracles! We at Toren believe we are all on this planet to heal, serve others, have fun, feel good, and live out our true life’s purpose!

::: During EAM drop-in classes you will receive teachings on :::

* Becoming a Magnet for Prosperity
* The 3 Golden Keys & The Golden Toolbelt
* How energy flows through your body
* Detecting stagnation in your system
* How to focus on feeling good while also acknowledging the things that don’t feel good






Ecstatic Awakening Gong Bath – July 1st, 8th, 15th 2019

from 7:30-8:30pm

@Awakening Wellness Center: 1016 SE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 9721

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Kriyanna Elumen

Creatress  |  Master Teacher  |  Journey Guide

Kriyanna Elumen creator of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation talks to Guardian Alliance about what this practice is all about!

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