Toren Academy

We offer classes online and in-person across various cities throughout the west coast.
Please read about our courses below to find out which ones call to you!


Foundations for a New Reality

The Sacred Geometry series consists of a multitude of classes to deepen your understanding of the physics behind your reality, while giving you actionable tools you can use immediately to positively affect your space and transform your life.

The classes in order are:

  1. Personal Energy Hygiene
  2. Creating Safe and Sacred Space
  3. Anchor your Space: Gridding and Sealing I
  4. Expand your Realm: Gridding and Sealing II
  5. Traverse the Dimensions: Meet your Spirit Allies


Ecstatic Awakening:

Foundations & Master Classes

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation is a practice that draws from ancient traditions, presented for people living in modern cultures. With this practice, we can choose to feel good, happy, healthy, and whole. We can transmute old trauma as well as present moment challenges.

Toren Collective has harmonized these techniques in meditation, sound healing, and even mindful birth classes!


Tantric Qabalah

Experience Unity with the Sacred through Tantric Qabalah discovery & practice. Qabalah draws down the spiritual energy from above into our physical bodies. Tantra draws earthly passion from below to activate our physical, mental and emotional body so we experience Divine Union within and around us. The two combined brings us into our Sweetest Essence.

Current classes include our 9-month long Journey of Ascension, and 4-week Elements of Manifestation series.


Reiki Attunements

Reiki is divine healing love which flows through us when and where we intend for it to. The process of receiving a Reiki Attunement opens the doors for this Divine Love to flow freely and effortlessly through us. It gives us the ability to call on healing for specific aspects of ourselves, which brings great feelings of peace and wellness.

Through Toren Collective, you can become certified in Reiki healing levels I, II, and III Master.


Tantric Yoga

Expand your yoga practice with a variety of offerings that will advance every area, from your meditation mindsets to aligning your movement with personalized support.

Current classes include:

  1. Beyond the Mat
  2. Ashatengar Yoga
  3. Ecstatic Awakening Yoga
  4. Mindful Vinyasa Hatha Yoga
  5. MMM: Music, Mantra, Meditation
  6. Worshipping the Divine Feminine