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Thank you to all of the kind folks who have shared their thoughtful words on our behalf.


Jamie has been a student in our Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and the Tantra Qabalah journey.

What are people saying?

About Toren Collective
  • Thank you for the precious gift of your presence. It allowed me to confirm and speak out loudly - my truth.
  • I have had 2 different businesses over the years and I have had Toren Services come and work on the space at both places. One of the first things that I hear many people say upon entering in my space is "It just feels good in here". I have so much appreciation for Toren Services and the thoughtfulness and sensitivity that they have brought into both of my business spaces. They quickly identified some problem areas with the space and neighboring influences. They did extra work in these areas to keep the energy in my space flowing smoothly. I highly recommend Toren Services to work with any space for work and/or living. You will be glad you did! It will just "feel good."
    Rowan KimseyTattoo artist at The Lucky Mermaid
  • Even though I was not able to personally witness all that Toren Services created within the space, I thank you greatly for smudging and doing energy work in the venue. I believe your work significantly contributed to the enthusiasm of the crowd and to how positively vocal they were in response to the performance. I also thank you with deep appreciation for being a part of the energetic circle in the green room that prepared me for my performance. I was able to really rock it as a result.


Ari has taken all of the Toren Collective courses and was previously a member of the collective’s Ascending Masters Council.

What are people saying?

About our Touring Founders, Kriyanna & Mahkah
  • I will forever be thankful to you for giving me the knowledge and guidance to practice and explore Tantric meditation of the chakras. Your style of providing knowledge and guidance whether it is one-on-one, or in leading a class, is filled with depth of understanding, excitement and enthusiasm, and a desire to share this with others. You are a light and an inspiration to us all.
    David LeetchComputer Programmer at PacifiCorp
  • Kriyanna is a powerful healer. She brings experience, knowledge and heart to all she does. As a practitioner she creates the space for you to come into yourself, fully alive and ready to reach new depths. I have met very few who hold sacred the client space as she does. I feel safe and nurtured with her, free to be in the moment and receive the love and honor that she provides.
    Ami OyarzabalLMT, CEIM, Healer & Teacher in the Sai Shakti Tradition
  • Kriyanna is devoted to her craft, operates with the highest integrity, is kind and wise, and she gets things done! She cares about community, creativity, personal energy and truth, and crafts her life and her professional offerings around these core values. I recommend Kriyanna for any endeavor she undertakes.
    Cybelle ClementsWriter, Performer
  • Kriyanna had an excellent sense of intuition when it came to both group and individual needs. She facilitated Kundalini meditation with enough verve for the enthusiast but also with enough practiced care for the beginner. I enjoyed the triune blend of The Playful, Sacred and Intimate that is so obviously Kriyanna's domain.
    Michael ParkerManager of DJ Vespers and Sharpshooter Entertainment
  • Nice magical event tonight hosted by Kriyanna Elumen. Great combination of training, exercises and experiences. It was a welcome change of pace (Here's the event from this evening), she's doing a special "Woman's Only" event about sacred sexuality this weekend. I go to various events of this nature all the time with a variety of disciplines. Kriyanna has excellent perspectives, good presentation and truly brings honor and integrity to the knowledge and experiences she has acquired. It is not often to meet someone with advanced knowledge + practical application of that knowledge. Great energy raised too.
    David NelsonClient and Student at Toren Collective
  • Kriyanna is a worldly inspired and culturally aligned associate.. She has focus, power of focus and knows how to get things done. Her communication skills are superb and her willingness to go farther then needed is a strong integral part of her. I would and will work with her again.
    Harold BustamonteOwner/CEO/ Executive Producer at One Love Vibration Films
  • Kriyanna is one of my favorite people because of her broad skills in so many areas: she is a teacher, healer, visionary, community builder, creative, and a fantastic mom too. Let Kriyanna just work her magic to help you become a better more empowered person. You'll laugh your way through even the hardest lessons, as she holds a powerful space for your transformational breakthroughs
    Rev Octavia BrooksOnline Business Manager at Octavia Brooks
  • Kriyanna is a radiant and wonderful being! She is passionate about her work and her own journey and is incredibly delightful to be around as her energy is loving and joyful.. I highly recommend her!
    Gina CitoliSelf Employed at Gina Citoli
  • Kriyanna is a full power human being, always busy learning, guiding, teaching, healing. Her scope of offerings continues to grow as her life experience furthers. I whole-heartedly recommend Kriyanna as a project leader as I have worked with her directly in collaboration and know her skills organizing people and ideas while inspiring others in the process.
    Laurrien GilmanCo-Owner of Atlan Community
  • Kriyanna is an expert in her field. She listens to your needs and helps you to achieve your results.
    Kathy HoaglandStress, Weight Loss Support Professional
  • Kriyanna is not only a believer of teaching the art of healing but, lives her life as a perfect example. She is completely dedicated to healing and loving others. I highly recommend her for your well being.
    Susan TheurerDistributor at LifeVantage Corporation
  • Kriyanna is a seamstress at weaving together a room full of chaotic energy and inducing profound healing and expansion work while having fun.
    Donna Hauser, LISWAcute Care Coordinator at Multnomah County
  • I had an amazing experience with Kriyanna and would recommend her as a body healer who can bring your energy back into balance!
    Eric Wilson, MSFitness Director
  • Kriyanna is deeply passionate about the work she does and she has a commitment to her calling that shows in the way she continues to expand her knowledge and thus her offerings. She is warm, easy, and personable, while at the same time, a powerful teacher and healer
    Gabriella CordovaOwner - Lotus Heart Center

Extended Testimonials

Blake Roberts

Ayurvedic Chef

High praise to Kriyanna! who wraps her ceremony space in a blanket of love. Her temple container is tight, safe, secure, as well as light, open and relaxed. Kriyanna herself holds space easefully though attentively – ever present and sensitive to shifting group needs, and unafraid to meet them. Even when holding space for 30+ people, I delighted in watching her fully enjoying herself, so grounded at ease in her body and energy, (even while doing pretty *out there* work), present with the group as the group. This ain’t easy, but she sure makes it look like it is.

With even the most obtrusive folks, I’ve witnessed her to be a tactful, clear, and compassionate communicator. One gets the sense that Kriyanna does only what she *knows*, and she knows A LOT. I appreciated her synthesis of such fields as tantra, plant medicine work, sacred song and emotional transparency into a unified shallwesay *happening* that just felt potent, accessible, and just well, right. The night was structured, though fluid. She often has just the right song, and encourages and allows others to share theirs, too.

I hold curiosity and excitement for more of her Ecstatic Awakening Meditation, in particular, which gave me permission to apply my qi gong tools to fully explore my freedom and bliss. To work with her is in itself a relief. She’s not so much interested in didactic teaching, but in lighting people up “just to see what happens”. In this way I feel she holds deep trust in the guiding compass of others’ gifts, genius, and creative power. Ego doesn’t seem to be a big player in Kriyanna’s world — she genuinely longs for us to open and awake — which is a precious rarity amongst urban ceremonialists. I left my first Temple I Am ceremony feeling the great potential for community exploration and evolution. I’m stoked just to see what happens.

Jennifer Cox

Financial Advisor at Shriram

I meet Kriyanna at a New Years Eve gathering. There was just something about her I was drawn to.

I decided to make some drastic changes. Over the last 10 months my life has transformed. There were some dark days and some days I was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.

I was however feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin. So happy for all the positive transformation, but I just had this overall feeling of not knowing where I belong.

I felt like I didn’t fit anywhere, and didn’t know how to stand tall in my transformation.

I also felt a little lost.

I ran across a post from Kriyanna, offering one on one sessions. I felt this spark like this is exactly what I needed. I hesitated at first.

What would that session even look like? How can I even describe what I am feeling or need? Is there even a solution? I m not even sure what I need? But the pull to go was so strong one night I just send her a message while I had the courage.

Little did I know that the time I spent with her would drastically change my life from the inside out in ways I couldn’t even imagine.

I was so nervous walking into the temple.

Once we sat down there was this comfort and everything inside me started pouring out.

Every step of the way she explained every little thing we would do. There was an instant strong level of trust. She saw me just as I was, she heard me and healed me in a way that I can’t describe. She set in motion huge shifts, it was like she gave me this deep understanding of what healing was.

The cords that were cut gave me this incredible sense of freedom. I have been able to open my heart to more love and more boundaries.

It was like a big ocean wave rising up, with running into people I had not seen in years. I even received calls from prison and ran into someone I had not seen in over ten years. It was like a wild fire burning. It hurt and still hurts, but I have had an overwhelming sense of gratitude and joy for the opportunities I have been given to heal past relationships, close the door on others, make apologies, reconnect and let go. It has been unbelievable. I have rewritten this post so many times. I felt like there just are not the right words to express what an incredible experience this was and what a beaming ray of love and light Kriyanna is.

I also felt like this was such a vulnerable post. I am letting go and my need for approval. It would just be too selfish to not share my testimony.

Noelani Rodriguez

Psychic and Author

Kriyanna is a mystery.

Perhaps that’s as it should be.

How can you describe a love so vast?

How can someone so powerful be so tiny?

An Empress that’s pint size.

Leaving smiles like flower petals for everyone to share.

Someone that is strong, who can be trusted near the deepest suffering, for she’s as gentle as the places roses bloom.

She comes and goes but is never too far.

She’s available for much needed encouragement.

Kriyanna adheres to beauty, talking community on a beauty walk.

So adult but so cherubic. She juggles rainbows until you’re transported to a world of play.

She’ll take the weariest of travelers and turn them into sacred family members.

Kriyanna’s throne is built on the power of mercy. One time I acted out. I felt terrible. And I thought about how I knew she would forgive me! When you know someone will forgive you that’s a sign they’ve always been trustworthy. I started to wonder how I could do that to a priestess sister, my forever teacher, and favorite retreat leader, and the pain of this yielded great lessons, not to take her for granted, Remembering she is the bearer of the grandest gifts.

She seems to understand love instinctively, like when there’s a bit of pain, or shock, but how it all goes back to the flow of love again, how it abides.

With time I’ve come to honor more and more Kriyanna’s creativity, inclusion, how she loves night owl fun, her wisdom, how she gave me my first priestess robe, how she gave me my first break as a teacher.

What is a Kriyanna?

A love so vast, it’s indescribable.

Noelani Rodriguez

Psychic and Author

RAVE REVIEWS for Tantric Qabalah event in OR/WA. Please go to the next one. Here’s why:

  • You learn at least 3 powerful healing routines
  • Clients learn to change their story once and for all
  • The Qabalah corresponds with the chakras and creates a system for getting into the heart, and into the cosmic / rainbow body
  • You get many magician’s tools and rituals that are easy and effective with lots of mana behind them.

Also the facilitator Kriyanna Elumen is a great role model for love, centeredness, song, heart awakened-ness, sexual safety, play and creativity, and is thought to be one of the most magical space holders around.

There should be another retreat in a few months, plus there are weekly classes in Portland. After 30 years this is my favorite retreat, and gets my 5 stars!