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The gong is designed to assist with deep, lasting healing and awakening. The gong alone has been scientifically tested to show that the sound of the gong removes toxins from cells and has helped with humans mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing processes. From a headache, the flue, to cancer, the gong and other sacred sound tools can help one to move from a state of not feeling good, to feeling ease, relief, and uplifted. The gong promotes the the awakening of the life force energy within ones self to rise and become active. This can bring about vitality, clarity, joy, bliss, and pure happiness.





*Gong Sound Healing Schedule*


*Gong Sound Healing : TBA

@Awakening Wellness Center: 1016 SE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 9721

$25 at the door


*Gong Sound Healing – February 2nd  |  5-6:30pm

@ New Renaissance Book Store: 1338 NW 23 Ave. Portland OR, 97210 

$20 at the door.






Mahkah Das Elumen

Music and Yoga literally saved Mahkah’s life. Mahkah spent years partying a little to hard as a teen in the underground Chicago rave community where he was a successful DJ till the age of 21. He explored drinking and drug use to where he hit a deep bottom. During a great time of need, yoga and sound healing quickly came to the rescue for Mahkah and has positively changed his life in all ways. Mahkah has been a dedicated student to the practice of yoga since 2006. He has been playing music since he was a kid.

Mahkah has been studying and practicing metaphysics, sound healing, yoga, and meditation since 2006. Mahkah received the title of Certified Gong Practitioner by Gong Master Mehtab Benton in 2019. He has studied Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) extensively with Bhagavan Das and Michael Sterling. Mahkah is currently studying with Gong Master Richard Rudis.

He got certified as a Reiki Master in 2008 and is a Certified 500 Hour+ Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher since 2010. Mahkah became an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical Tradition in 2016 and has been offering sound healings to the world since 2008. He has given sound healings all across Illinois, California, Oregon, and at Burning Man. He is humbled and honored to assist you on your healing and awakening journey.


Science on How the Gong Benefits Our Body

Effects the Gong has on the Human Brain

See how the Gong benefits your Entire Body even on a Cellular Level!



The Gong Can Assist, Heal, & Improve:

Finding Your Life’s Purpose
Improved Sleep
Chronic Pain
Transmuting Karma
Improved Mental Health
Deep Relaxation
Connects You to Higher Self and Guides
Energetic Clearing
Calms Your Mind
Healing of Bones and Organs
Improves the Cells of Your Body
Removes Toxins
Boosts Imune System
Quick Injury Recover
Mental and Physical Trauma
Past Life Healing
Releasing of Destructive/Negative Patterns, Thoughts, and Beliefs.
Repressed Emotions Released and Transformed.


Gong Sound Healings & Gong Therapy Available For:


Private one-on-one sessions available at the Toren Forest Temple on Mt. Hood or in NE Portland

Private Small Group Sessions (2/4 people)

Large Group Events


Yoga Studios

Healing Spaces

House Clearings

Special Occasions: Births, Weddings, Initiations, Rite Of Passage, Celebrations…


To Book a Gong Sound Healing Email:


What the people have to say about Gong Sound Healings
  • "Such a powerful healing experience!! Mahkah does such an amazing job offering this Gong Sound Healing! Look forward to future offerings."
    Schandua ReneéReiki Master
  • During Mahkah’s Gong Sounds Healing I felt a relaxing sensation in my jaw. Not the normal type of relaxation I feel during mediation, but a deeper relaxation. You see, I have a condition called TMJ, more commonly known as lock jaw, where the muscle that cushions my jaw gets stuck. I could feel this muscle relaxing and in effect the left side of my jaw becoming more even with the right. Thank you Mahkah!
    Shea DurkinAXA Advisor
  • Thank you immensely for the healing session that you offered and transmitted to us. I was in an extreme state of bliss and healing. Also, I am a Vally Fever survivor and lost a significant amount of my left shoulder joint during that illness and it has bothered me since then, 2012. During the healing gong session for about 90 seconds I felt extreme pain in my shoulder followed my a warm, melting unlanguageable sensation. My mobility and pain relief have increased exponentially sense then. Thank you so much and I can hardly wait to be in the gong vibration again!
  • I had the pleasure of attending Mahkah's gong sound healing. I could physically feel the vibrations healing my sacral area after the gong healing. I have endometriosis and ovarian cysts. My period started hours after the gong session without the usual painful warning. It was also 8 days early, just in time to sync with the Full Moon. I definitely feel like Mahkah's divine energy channelled through the gong helped give me a hard reset for a new clear cycle.
    Christy GarveryManages Intuitive ReFresh
  • Thank you for such a beautiful healing and rejuvenating Gong Sound Bath!

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