Private Sessions & Group Offerings w/ Kriyanna & Mahkah


Kriyanna Elumen


*Reiki Super+ Sessions | Reiki Attunements |

*Kundalini Healing and Awakening

*Energy Clearing for: humans, pets, couples, groups, houses, business, large and small events

*Cord Cuttings | DNA Activations | Spell Removals

*Life Consoling | Birth Coaching

*Prestress Training

*Initiation into Western Hermetic Tradition by Sword

*Meditation Coach | Intimacy Caching for Couples | + More!

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Mahkah Das Elumen


*Gong Sound Healing for groups and one on one private sessions

*500 Hr+ Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher: private sessions, public class, group classes, workshops, trainings, retreats

*Meditation Teacher

*Reiki Sessions

*Life Guidance and Consoling for Men

*Law Of Attraction Teacher

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~ Reiki Attuments ~

w/ Kriyanna Elumen



Reiki Attunements give us a way to understand our innate ability to heal with our hands which every human is born with.

Reiki is a foundational and diverse hands on healing modality that channels the natural force of love which comes directly from Source. It compliments every other type of healing and medicine. It can be used for yourself, family, friends, and every living thing including plants and animals. Reiki clears away pain, soothes the mind, and uplifts the spirit bringing balance and harmony to any situation.

Truly, I have witnessed many miracles by using this practice! In just one of many experiences that I’ve had, I worked with a woman who had multiple sclerosis She was debilitated from the waist down. There was no vital life force energy flowing through her lower body, from the waist down, she was cold as stone. Once, I began giving her daily one hour treatments, within 4 days she was able to walk! Imagine if you were unable to take yourself to the bathroom or make a cup of tea. The difference Reiki made in this woman’s life was profound! I have seen multiple phenomenal experiences such as this.

I believe with all my heart that every human would benefit from having this training. Reiki is divine healing love which flows through us when and where we intend for it to. Divine love is our birthright but unfortunately many humans have denied or forgotten this part of ourselves. The process of receiving a Reiki Attunement opens the doors for this healing Divine Love to flow freely and effortlessly through us. It also gives us the ability to call on healing for specific purposes which brings great feelings of peace and wellness. The training often gives a foundation of understanding to assist in realizing what we already know but can’t quite find the words to describe.

**The Level I Attunement is for use on yourself, family, close friends, pets, and plants. After this training you get time to practice as you get comfortable with the flow of Reiki energy.

**The Level II Attunement is Practitioner Level, it is meant for anyone wanting a deeper relationship with this extraordinary healing practice. In this class you will also receive 3 Reiki Healing Symbols to work with. In order to receive Reiki II you must already have Reiki I and be comfortable with your self-practice. After this training, you’ll be ready to offer Reiki to the general public as a Reiki Practitioner.

**Reiki Master Teacher Attunements are for those who are adept at Reiki already and have spent time practicing on yourself and many others. Through this training, you will gain the ability to Attune others to Reiki and also teach Reiki to others.

Those who have training in other energy body healing such as Cranial Sacral may be ready for Reiki I & II simultaneously. Please ask if this applies to you.

Reiki can be used to amplify any other healing modality and I highly recommend this! Reiki Attunements qualify for CE credit for LMT’s.


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