Ecstatic Awakening Gong Bath

Mahkah Das Elumen and Kriyanna Elumen of Toren Collective are now offering Ecstatic Awakening Gong Baths! The Gong Bath Sound Healing is accompanied by applying Ecstatic Awakening Meditation techniques to assist with moving desired and undesired energy through the body. These primal and mystical tools can be used during the sound bath for the gong can bring up stagnant energies that want to be released from your mind and body. These same tools can also be used at any time in life. Ecstatic Awakening Meditation tools will be taught by Kriyanna before the sound healing begins and applied during the sound healing itself.

This makes for a completely unique sound healing experience unlike any other for each session is customized specifically for the people that show up!

The gong combined with Ecstatic Awakening Mediation practices are designed to assist with deep, lasting healing and awakening. The gong alone has been scientifically tested to show that the sound of the gong removes toxins from cells and has helped with humans mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and growing processes. From a headache, the flu, to cancer, the gong and other sacred sound tools can help one to move from a state of not feeling good, to feeling ease, relief, and uplifted. The sacred sound tools also promote the the awakening of the life force energy within oneself to rise and become active. This can bring about vitality, clarity, joy, bliss, and pure happiness.

Come learn how to master your mind, body, emotions, and energy!



Ecstatic Awakening Gong Bath Schedule:


Ecstatic Awakening Gong Bath – July 1st, 8th, 15th 2019

from 7:30-8:30pm

@Awakening Wellness Center: 1016 SE 12th Ave, Portland, Oregon 9721

By Donation!

Give from your heart.

Ecstatic Awakening Gong Bath Sample:

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About Kriyanna & Mahkah Elumen

Kriyanna Elumen

Kriyanna Elumen

Meditation Guide

Kriyanna Elumen is an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition. She is an ecstatic and a powerful channel for modern Tantra. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. She combines these techniques to create a unique experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation. She is the founder and director of Toren Collective. Kriyanna has dedicated her entire life to healing herself and preparing her mind, body, and soul to serve humanity. She effortlessly witnesses the Divine in everything and everyone. She truly practices what she preaches and teaches. She is a walking, breathing embodiment of light and pure love. Kriyanna will stand by your side as an equal in finding the empowering light and love wisdom within your mind and heart so you can live out your true life's purpose.

About Kriyanna & Mahkah Elumen

Mahkah Das Elumen

Mahkah Das Elumen


Mahkah has been studying and practicing metaphysics, sound, and yoga since 2006. Mahkah received the title of Certified Gong Practitioner by Gong Master Mehtab Benton in 2019. He has studied Nada Yoga (the yoga of sound) extensively with Bhagavan Das and Michael Sterling. He got certified as a Reiki Master in 2008 and is a Certified 500 Hour+ Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher since 2010. Mahkah became an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical Tradition in 2016 and has been offering sound healings to the world since 2008. He has given sound healings all across Illinois, California, Oregon, and at Burning Man. He is humbled and honored to assist you on your healing and awakening journey.