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Toren Collective’s focus is on individual and community healing and spiritual awakening. We offer unique classes, workshops, events, and retreats that catalyze personal growth and deep lasting transformation. We offer ancient and modern-day tools like yoga, breath work, meditation, qabalah, energy work, sound healing, and more to empower one to master their mind, body, and energies. Our offerings are gateways for everyone to fully step into the Love, Power, Wisdom, and Joy that resides both within and around us all.




Founder  |  Reiki Master Teacher  |  Creatrix  | 

Vision Keeper  |  Permissionary


Kriyanna Elumen began her journey of awakening with Reiki. By the year 2000, she had become an Usui Reiki Master Teacher. In 2006 she was initiated into the Western Hermetic tradition through the Modern Mystery School (MMS). That same year she was introduced to western tantric practices through various teachers. Over the years, she has become an ecstatic and a powerful channel for modern tantra as she took the techniques and made them her own.

In 2012, she left MMS in order to further her own growth through direct experience. She went on to develop Ecstatic Awakening Meditation and a 9-month long Tantric Qabalah program in 2013, which are synergistic blends of the paths she studied. The combination of these techniques create a unique experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation. In 2013, she also founded a spiritual community called Toren Collective. Through these avenues, she has had the opportunity to serve thousands of people in our community at large.

She is the mother of two teen boys, baby Issa, and married to Mahkah Das Elumen.

Kriyanna loves collaborating with others to create transformational experiences. She has worked with folks such as: OneDoorLand, Guardian Alliance, Entheo, Sedona Soulfire, Living Prism, Goddess Temple, Sun Gate Center, and more. She’s hosted workshops at various festivals, including Beloved and Oregon Eclipse.

Kriyanna has dedicated her entire life to healing herself and preparing her mind, body, and soul to serve humanity. She intentionally witnesses the Divine in everything and everyone. She truly practices what she preaches and teaches. She is a walking, breathing embodiment of light and pure love. Kriyanna will stand by your side as an equal in finding the empowering light and love wisdom within your mind and heart so you can live out your true life’s purpose.



Das Elumen

Yoga Teacher  |  Wizard   |   Sound Healer  

Vision Keeper  |  Permissionary

Mahkah’s whole life has been passionately dedicated to going deep into his inner world to master himself. His intention is to live his birth for all its worth as an compassionate, joyful, loving being. Mahkah’s teachings stem from universal laws and truths. Throughout his life he has studied teachings of Hatha Yoga, Abraham-Hicks, Kryon, B.K.S. Iyengar, Amma, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Tantric Hinduism, Bhakti Yoga, and Nada Yoga. Mahkah is 500+ hour certified Hatha yoga teacher since 2010 and Reiki Master since 2008. He has in depth training with master Yoga teachers such as, Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, Noah Mazé, Darren Rhodes, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Bhagavan Das, and Michael Stirling. Mahkah was initiated into the Western Hermetic Tradition in 2016. Mahkah is curently focusing on offering Gong Sound Healing. He has been leading sounding healings since 2009. Besides teaching yoga and offering gong sound healings, Mahkah is married to Kriyanna, father to 3 boys, a avid bigfoot researcher, and wild man of the woods.


Aria Kay



Teachers Apprentice  |  Guide in Training  |  Songstress  |  Permissionary

Aria started her journey in AA in 2004. From there she began to study Caroline Myss and several other amazing writers and teachers. This led her to teach Tai Chi, Pilates, bible, art and music as therapy. Aria strongly desires to share the energy she experiences as it heals herself and others. In 2016 Aria was introduced to Toren Collective and began studying Ecstatic Awakening Meditation as well as Dedicated to Divinity, Reiki, and Tantric Qabalah. Through these teachings, she began remembering who she really is and where she comes from.
Having PTSD and chronic pain, among other medical conditions, she must move at a slower pace at times in order to take good care of herself. She has healed so much in the last few years and continues to heal herself as she maneuvers through this life in a physical body. Through this process she has infinitely expanded and wants to share with others the possibilities and potential for healing and ascension. She is currently apprenticing to teach Ectatic Awakening Meditation and Tantric Qabalah. Aria lives on a mini farm in the high plains desert in eastern Oregon with her daughter and animals. She is dedicated to raising the vibration of herself and the world and is now ready to share all the love and light that she can flow through herself with others.





As an initiate in the Western Hermetic Mystical tradition and a licensed minister through Anam Cara Connections, Rev. Beth Astarte has dedicated her life to being of service and assisting people in connecting to the Divine within them. Her spiritual beliefs are comprised of liberal Christian teachings, such as New Thought, Unity and United Church of Christ, as well as Tantra and Western Hermeticism, with an emphasis on traditional Celtic Spirituality, to fully embrace the spiritual condition. Furthermore, Rev. Beth is also a certified Our Whole Lives sexuality educator.

Whether through contemplative practices, creating rituals or teaching classes, Rev. Beth’s diverse background and natural gifts of compassion, understanding and zeal for life make spiritual principles come alive so that people can have a fully-embodied experience on their unique spiritual journeys.




Creative Team 

Her whole life, Claire has experienced significant energetic sensitivity as a clairsentient empath. At 22, she is now elated to have found a community in Toren Collective to aid her in applying these natural qualities and create profound healing for herself and others.

Claire currently is passionately training her other senses, including Reiki, channeling, and mediumship. She works closely with angelic guides and at this time, she is enthusiastic to offer guidance through oracle cards, tarot, palmistry, numerology, and astrology readings.

She is motivated to fulfill her dreams of becoming a holistic spiritual counselor, serving individuals and communities with intuitive healing. Her life mantra of “making the world better than how I found it,” no matter how big or small of an impact, drives her daily decisions in everything she dedicates herself to. All in all, she purely seeks to help inspire more love, joy, and light in our world.

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