True Love and How to Find It.

Greetings Dear Ones,

As we approach Valentine’s Day we are feeling the importance of asking: What does it mean to truly love? What is unconditional love? Is your love subjective? Are you picky with who you love and don’t love? Are you judgmental in your loving? Is there someone you don’t love? These are questions of self mastery, worthy of contemplation. We, here at TC, have found that when you truly connect to the God/Source/Christ/Prana/Energy (whatever you call it) within yourself, you will then effortlessly love everyone and everything without judgment. For the God Source energy, within you and all things, loves everything and everyone. Period.

The masters that walk this earth don’t pick and choose who they love and who they don’t love. They love everyone! Here is an important key that can dispel some confusion around what it means to love everyone and everything. Love is not just about bliss, joy, and happiness. Love is also to accept sadness, despair, jealousy, and all feelings, not just the good feelings. Love is about accepting all. Loving everything and everyone, no matter what.

In the midst of the joy and bliss, there also exists suffering which never completely goes away. True, unconditional love is having the ability to accept all of it and still keep our hearts open. We allow ourselves to be connected and feel the broad scope of all that is, without focusing our attention on one end of the spectrum or the other. We have compassion for those who are suffering and we remain perfectly centered in the middle, always connected to the joy as well, regardless of our view in any given moment.

Having unconditional love and acceptance of all things does not mean to allow people to harm you or someone else. It does not mean to allow unwanted circumstances or events to take place. Nor does it mean you must stay quiet as there are times when we must say no to things that are out of balance. Unconditional love requires that we speak our truth and stand up for injustice, BECAUSE we love so much.

When we love ourselves and others and all of life, we are compelled to take right action in the world. When we take this action from a place of deep love and speaking truth, the response is very different than when we have judgement in our hearts. Love speaks the truth with passion, reverence, and respect for everyone and all of life. When we judge with our words, we become muddled in our perspective and our judgement steers us in a direction which leads away from peace and understanding. This creates more confusion, frustration, and hurt for us and for those that we judge.

When we choose to love without condition we have no need to “fix others” so that we are more “comfortable.” Instead, we see ourselves and everyone clearly with compassion and understanding, in our perfection as a living breathing representation of God. This is true love.

Many blessings,

Kriyanna & The Toren Collective Team

Kriyanna Elumen

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