New Year’s Resolution: Walk Your Talk!

At the start of another year, most people really tune into the opportunity for a new beginning. We dream about how this year will be better, different, more of this and less of that  We begin the year with lots of energy and high hopes. After a month or a couple months, most people tend to run out of steam and subtly shift back into old habits again. Unfortunately, when we make ourselves promises and we do not keep them, we damage trust in ourselves.

This directly affects our chi, our life force energy, and can make us tired, lethargic, and is a major reason for loss of motivation. On the flip side, when we follow through with our intentions and experience success, we build trust in ourselves. This increases our chi and sets us up to experience more success in all of our endeavors. So, what are the keys to having an experience of success? There are a few things we’d like to share to support you in having awesome chi building experiences as you think about your New Year’s intentions.

The number one reason that most people fail with their New Year’s goal is because we often bite off much more than we can chew. Of course it’s a wonderful thing to dream big. What we’re saying is, take it one step at a time. If you’ve never gone to the gym a day in your life and you set the intention to work out everyday in the year to come, chances are that you’re going to begin strong, lose momentum, and then stop going to the gym all together.

Here’s why this is an example of a common pattern… First off, this type of goal is not only unrealistic, it’s unhealthy. Everyone needs a break. This is true for almost everything that we set as our intention. The only exception would be quitting an addiction. So, for example, if your goal is to eat healthier, allowing yourself to have comfort food occasionally can actually help you continue eating healthier. This is true because when you give yourself permission to take a break, you remove the guilt and shame associated with “cheating” on your diet. It’s not cheating if you already made it a part of the rules. Here’s the kicker, if you remove the feelings of guilt by allowing yourself to take a break, you’re much more likely to keep with your program because you’re still within the guidelines and expectations that you set for yourself. Make sense?

It can be really helpful to know that allowing yourself to relax and just be comfortable at times when it’s needed can actually give you the extra boost you need to take yourself to the next level towards your bigger dream! For example, let’s say your resolution is to ride your bike instead of driving your car. You’ll want to start small and build up your physical stamina. Ride short distances and drive the longer ones. Push your limits once a week with a longer ride or riding in the cold rain. Let yourself drive when you’re really tired or hungry. Then push yourself and ride, more often than you drive, when you’re feeling tired. Get it? The trick here is to keep your eyes on the prize because I’m sure you know all too well how a comfortably luxurious moment can easily lead into long-term complacency.

Lastly, listen and be truly honest with yourself. It feels terrible to make a little progress towards a goal and then slip back into old habits. This feeling can be a huge motivator to get back on track. However, if you ignore the fact that you don’t feel good, this leads to resentment which we can easily project at others. The story becomes, I’d feel better if my job didn’t suck or if my girlfriend had sex with me more often or if my dog would stop barking so much or, or, or… This kind of thinking is disempowering, makes us a victim, and puts the responsibility of our happiness upon others. Do yourself, and everyone you love, a big huge favor and look within for your sense of well being. It’s time to follow through on those things that you know are going to help you feel really good about yourself.

To make all of this really clear, let’s go over it again.

  1. Begin with a goal that is a small step towards a larger goal.
  2. Make comforting yourself and relaxing a part of your expectation.
  3. Stay the course and follow through with your intention.
  4. Take responsibility for your own happiness and do the things that feel good!

Truly, this can begin any time of year, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to do it. When we do the things that feel good, it becomes easier and easier to continue doing things that feel  better! Whatever your dreams are, we hope this helps you to have your best year yet!

Kriyanna Elumen

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