Healing method helps during holiday time

This time of year we think of forgiveness a great deal. So many of us have had tumultuous relationships with family over the years. Memories come to the surface as we celebrate the thinning of the veil and honor our ancestors on All Hallows Eve and Dia de los Muertos. Following right after is Thanksgiving, a time that many of us spend with family that we may only see or speak to once a year. In a moment when the theme is giving thanks, it may be very difficult to do with relatives that bring up so much frustration from the past that is still alive in the present. Then comes Christmas, another opportunity to spend time with relatives who may not understand us or be understood by us.

In addition there is so much pressure to work hard or go into debt with buying gifts to express our love to one another. The pressure makes it difficult to feel the love and compassion that the holiday is meant to inspire. These are the reasons we are feeling the importance to focus upon forgiveness at this time. Forgiveness is a key to finding peace within and around us.

Forgiving our relatives that are no longer with us can create a sense of closure with people that we no longer have the opportunity to communicate with in the physical. Forgiveness can help us cope with the reality of spending time with people with whom we have had difficulties with. Forgiveness can also be directed towards ourselves and our perceived shortcomings when we are unable to meet our own high standards.

Toren Collective practices a method which is inspired by the Ho’o Pono healing. This practice  works really well and anyone can try it out at anytime. We recommend using this method as many times as is needed. It amplifies over time and can create miraculous experiences such as changing the way we see another person and allowing us to appreciate them in completely new ways  or allowing us to enjoy a holiday, regardless of whether the turkey turns out burnt or the kids complain about their gifts or your Great Aunt Zelda sends you another pair of homemade granny panties! Lol…

Here’s the method, which is based on the Ho’o Pono healing which comes from Hawaii.

  • Quiet your mind and relax your body, sitting in an upright position with your spine straight.
  • Allow your heart to relax and let the love that is always all around you to fill your heart and to flow throughout your being. Really allow the love in as much as you are able.
  • Imagine a family member standing in front of you, start with someone easy to love if that is helpful. Bring in the more difficult to love folks later in the process.
  • Speak out loud or in your mind (and really feel it while you are saying it) “I forgive you for the harm that you have caused.”
  • Allow your heart to stay open and universal love to continue flowing through you, giving you the ability to forgive. Universal love heals you and heals the person in front of you.
  • See the person receiving the forgiveness as it flows effortlessly through you.
  • Speak out loud or in your mind (and really feel it while you are saying it) “I love you.”
  • Again, allow your heart to stay open and universal love to continue flowing through you, giving you the ability to love.
  • See the person receiving the love as it flows effortlessly through you.
  • Now allow them to say the same things to you. “I forgive you for the harm that you have caused. I love you.”
  • See that their words and genuine and let yourself receive this forgiveness and love form them.
  • Allow these beautiful energies to flow easily between you.
  • Let yourself see the beauty within this person and find yourself appreciating them immensely!
  • You say “Thank you!” to each other as you continue to allow the sweetness to flow between you.
  • Have this person stand behind you or next to you.
  • Bring in the next person and repeat.
  • Continue repeating until you feel complete.
  • When you are complete express your appreciation to all of them as a group and release them to go on their way.
  • Repeat everyday as needed until the energy shifts within you and between you and these beloveds.

We hope this supports you in having a wonderful holiday this year and many years to come!

Kriyanna Elumen

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