Super Blue Moon and Eclipse Meditation

By Toren Collective Member Jaime Lyn Shatney Boucher

As we near the ending of this first month of the new year we are blessed with a blue moon! This super full blue blood moon manifests as a rare lunar eclipse during this night.

Inner Moon Reflection

The last time a lunar eclipse coincided with a blue moon was March 31, 1866. This celestial joining is a once in a lifetime experience. Bring moon magic to your practice as you reflect on the guided meditation below.

~Begin Meditation~

During her full state, our moon sits directly opposite our sun, reflecting the life giving light of our beautifully burning star.

Emotions and thoughts are amplified during this time. Be mindful of how you chose to respond to the world around you. This is a wonderful time to practice deep gratitude and appreciation of the many blessings in your life.

The full moon pours onto us the fruits grown of the seeds we have sewn at the beginning of this lunar cycle.

Ask yourself: What thoughts or feelings have you been spending most time with?

Where has your attention and focus been living?

This is the time you will be feeling the full weight of the things that you have called in. Soak up the sweet results of your own creations. As we move into this Leo ruled moon, let the fiery passion of this sign guide you deeply into your heart. Recognizing and honoring all of your creative abilities and the gifts that bring you joy and fulfillment. Bath in these gifts and reflect on them.

Ask yourself: How might they help you to make a difference in the life of others?

This full moon offers us the opportune conditions to harness the courage needed to live our lives in alignment with our true virtues and values. As we feel the I AM energy reflecting off of our moon into us the same way that we may reflect and observe our true nature to best serve the world.

While we experience all of this beautiful reflected light, we will enter a full lunar eclipse. This is giving us the gift of stillness, while the moon is sitting in the shadows unable to reach the light of the sun, look deep within your own shadow. To the most jagged and sharp parts that we hide, or don’t acknowledge at all as parts of us.

This momentary shadow is our chance to surrender truly to and let go of  our shadowy behaviors and choices that do not serve us or the world. These things limit our potential.

Let this surrender bring us to a more companionate understanding of the parts of ourselves we do not like. Because they are still of us. And we must truly love all of ourselves to take any control back from that shadow.

You may already be experiencing heightened emotions, expanded and intense dreams or perhaps sensing sudden anxiety or fear without any clear reason for it. People from your past may reappear or reach out to you. This may be an opportunity to release the past and forgive them, or to learn a lesson that was not clear before.

All of these things are pushing us lovingly to prune our garden of life with compassion, cutting away that which no longer serves us. To make space for what will grow even stronger and more fruitful than what was previously in its place.

Ask yourself: What new seeds will you plant this coming cycle?

What do you want to harvest from your garden of life?

~End Meditation~

Please Join us tonight Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018 as we celebrate the Moon @ The Alberta Arts Building (same building as Toren) 3rd Floor!!

Sara Bee

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