Last night I offered something different. Of course, it was sprinkled generously with many things that you might already know me to offer. There was a dynamic & intuitively guided meditation, my mainstay. There was also poetry that I have recently written which is deeply inspired by the ecstatic poetry of Hafiz and “The Radiance Sutras” by Lorin Roche. There were songs that I have written and one that is my all time favorite “Wood, Stone, Feather, and Bone” by Jewels Graves. There were drums, rattles, and singing bowls.

All of these are wonderful on their own and especially when put together in a timely fashion. But there was something even more. My strongest desire last night was that this piece was felt, heard, and experienced. The “more”, that I am talking about, was the weaving of it all. The tickle of opening, even just a little. The coming into alignment. The lift. The drop. The movement of long stuck energies. The depth of despair, that may still hold you back everyday, was given a voice. And then a crack opened for the light to shine and be witnessed. The only way out of pain, fear, shame… is through it. And then together we came even more alignment as we lifted into another sunrise, a new day! We closed with a remembering that we are the weavers of our own experience, every single day. A remembering that “We all are the weavers we’ve been dreaming. We all are the dream that we’ve been weaving.”

I hope you enjoyed it because I sure did! For those of you who were not there, it will certainly happen again. We plan to take this on tour. Do you know some folks who might like it? If so, please contact me:



Sometimes I feel sad

when you cannot yet see

the beauty that you behold


And even when you are lost

you are perfect


If I could shake you

into understanding


If I could smack

your beautiful face


I would be so delighted

to see your startled look


If you finally remembered

your magnificence

Kriyanna Elumen

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