Pizza Can Boost Your Immune System!

  1.  Call in “well” at work and take the day off. You might have to call it “sick” when you’re talking to your boss, in order to justify the time off to them. But the truth is that if you take the much needed time off BEFORE you are sick, you can enjoy the time and prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place. If you are fortunate to have a boss who is willing to listen to reason and you can help change the company policy. If you are the boss, you get to make life really good for more people! There is no need to feel guilty for doing this because in truth, you are taking very good care of you and will ultimately have less “sick” days overall. I know that this may sound like a justification. However, play and laughter helps us to let go of stress and worry. It is of crucial importance for our well being to let go of our frustrations and responsibilities that can feel so heavy at times, even for a few moments. Let go of your fear that something terrible will happen, if you stop working or thinking about your problems. I promise, they will still be there in 20 mins, an hour later and the next day. The good news is that you will have a fresh perspective, more creativity, and more energy when you take a break for a bit. Laughter, making noise, and moving your body helps release tension. When you are more relaxed, you feel better. When you feel better emotionally and mentally, your immune system is strengthened and you are far less likely to get sick.
  2. Get plenty of sleep. We all know this one because we’ve been told many times already. When we are well rested, we feel stronger, more alert and present, and our body isn’t working overtime to keep us going. Yet, how many of us actually take the precious time to sleep as much as we need? Whether you’ve got FOMO or feel so busy you can’t sleep and even when you’re asleep you’re having nightmares about work and it’s not really restful sleep anyways…Whew! SO much stress… Go back to #1, call in “well” and start over!
  3. Meditate regularly. When you think of meditation, do you go right into overwhelm just from trying to imagine what it would be like to completely empty your mind? I am here to tell you that meditation can be WAY easier than that. Empty mind meditation is a very advanced form that can take years to experience. There are many forms of meditation and you can begin simply with mindfulness. Some of the forms of beginning meditation include: active or moving meditation (yoga asana, dance, or walking), guided meditation (listening to someone guide your imagination on a journey), deep intentional breathing, and more. The purpose of meditation is to allow your mind to relax and let go, to get off of the hamster wheel for a moment and create spaciousness within. This releases stress and tension as you feel relaxed and open.
  4. Eat lots of wholesome foods. This includes, whole foods made from scratch, super foods that give you extra support, herbal teas & supplements, and vitamins. Just like getting plenty of rest, we all know how important it is to eat foods that support our entire well being. There’s plenty of reasons we don’t, such as being too busy or simply liking the irresistible flavor of truffle french fries (yes I said it, but before you run out the door to get those fries, for your own good, please finish reading this article). You don’t have to abandon the fries completely or never eat cheesecake again. For most people it is unreasonable to quit something you love, cold turkey, just like that. In fact, it’s a recipe for failure (all puns intended here). If we make a commitment to ourselves that we cannot keep, we damage trust in ourselves because we couldn’t follow through on what we said we’d do. This leads to all kinds of nasty self talk (which, by the way also lowers the immune system). Start out easy and with something you can follow through on such as… Eating fresh vegetables everyday… French fry, then carrot stick, then french fry, then carrot stick. All kidding aside, make choices you can stick with, that will build your chances of success and then increase the care you are showing yourself by continuing to eat more and more healthfully. Sometimes you might want to throw it all down the drain and eat an entire pizza to yourself. This is totally fine! In fact, I encourage you to do that if you feel like it! Skip the feelings of guilt and shame completely. Have a really great salad the next day and get back into the healthy pattern because it feels good. Regarding eating healthfully; there are a ton of diets available to us now and all of them seem to be claiming to be the right one or the best one. Go back to #3 and meditate on it. Ask yourself what feels right for you and follow your own advise. If you still aren’t sure, try a few out and see how you feel. Your body is extremely intelligent and it will surely give you signs about what to eat, when to eat and how much of each food to eat. If you listen to what makes you feel really good, then you are doing great regardless of what anyone else says.
  5. Tell your cells to be healthy. That’s right, tell your immune system to kick in. Believe it or not, your body listens to you. If you feel as though you might get sick or you are exposed to someone who is sick and you say that you always get sick or are going to get sick… Guess what is going to happen? You guessed it, you’re going to get sick. You are WAY less likely to catch something if you tell yourself that you are healthy and tell your immune system to kick it in gear. This is no guarantee of health.  Some people have systems that are really weak for various reasons and cannot fight off bacteria or virus. Part of this is knowing yourself and what you need to stay healthy. The other part is training your mind because it is the organ that commands the rest of your body. Many people can do much better at staying well simply by believing you are already well. If you don’t believe me, try it. But there is one tricky piece about this…In order for it to work, you have got to believe it. If you say, “Ok, I’m healthy and I will not get sick,” but inside you’re thinking “yeah right, this isn’t gonna work,” it won’t work for a couple reasons. The first reason is that you don’t believe it to be true. You have to feel it in your body that you are healthy and believe it to be true. This will either keep you healthy or minimize how sick you get at the very least. The second reason it won’t work is because you said “… I will not get sick,” NOT is the key word here. When you say, I will not get sick or any other thing that you will not do or do not want, you are still focused on the thing you don’t want. Still focused on getting sick. So, the trick is to focus on what you DO WANT. When we say I am healthy and I have a strong immune system, then we are calling upon that to be our story and when we believe it wholeheartedly, lo’ n behold it becomes true. Tip: This is good advice for all kinds of situations!
  6.  Take an immune system booster at the first sign of illness. Ok, so I just told you that you can tell yourself you are healthy and that helps. In addition, there are many amazing plants and minerals that the good earth has provided which help to keep us healthy as well. They are here for us to use. While we are clearing our mind and believing that we are healthy, give it a boost by taking something that can help you stay healthy. There is no reason to wait until you’re suffering to take an immune system booster. At the first sign of even thinking you might catch something undesirable, take something to assist you in feeling well. I suspect that many people might let themselves get sick because they really just need some down time to rest. In that case proclaim that you are well, clear your mind, take your herbs, and then go back to #1 and #2, take a well day off and get some much needed rest. Like I said, you’ll enjoy the time off much more if you are feeling well as opposed to laying in bed feeling like crap.
  7. Be your own lover. This last one sounds the strangest I bet. However, it’s really what will take everything I have shared to the next level. I am guessing that you may be like me in that you want to do more than survive. You want to THRIVE! Whether you are single or married doesn’t matter. It seems that almost everyone I meet can fall more in love with themselves. I am not talking about narcissism or being so selfish that you refuse to give to others. That isn’t really love anyways. I am talking about loving yourself so much that you stop waiting for someone else to treat you the way you want to be treated. This will really support your entire system in every way. You will feel relaxed, energized, creative, and empowered. All the steps that I have already mentioned will come more easily to you because you love yourself so much and want to feel good everyday! Taking a day to yourself, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food, regular meditation, positive thinking, and taking an immune system support is BASIC SELF CARE. Yes, start there from wherever you are at, one step at a time and giving yourself plenty of patience along the way. While you are giving yourself basic self care, you can also be super awesome to yourself. Start with little things like buying yourself flowers just because you want them. Or, go for a walk in a lovely place while you take in the beauty through your senses. Or, that one thing you have been wanting to do but never seem to find the time, the money, or the energy (go back to #1 if needed). If money is an issue, find sweet little things you can do for yourself that are free. No excuses! You deserve to be well and to thrive simply because you are alive!

There is a lot more we can do to support our immune systems. It all comes down to feeling good as much as possible. If you are feeling good, you are way less likely to catch a harmful virus or bacteria. So, whatever you need to do to feel good, do it!

**If you are sick often and struggling to get through each day from chronic pain, depression, or something else, you may need more support than what I have laid out in this article. If this applies to you, please take a moment and reach out for help as your first step towards wellness.


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  • Yes! Thank you for these awesome tips and reminders of self care and self love! I’m healthy and my immune system is strong!

  • Delia Kay Rohn
    3 years ago

    Wonderful. Such a good reminder of the power found in the simplest of things. Things that may often go over looked or that we tell ourselves we are not worthy of. Love it. Thank you beloved for being.

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